European Primary Teacher Education (EPTE)

Coordenadora: Cristina Pinto



Arts (A)
Maria de Freitas


EPTE Mathematics curriculum

This curriculum will support the general learning of mathematics for excellent students, the understanding of (the European history of) mathematics and different ideas and common strategies in learning and teaching mathematics in a local and European context. It will be constructed to realize a challenge and competence beyond the usual national teaching at this level, including the comparison of international and cultural procedures and demands, traditions methods and teaching strategies. Students will explore several learning and teaching strategies trough European experts for a fundamental area of primary teaching.

The curriculum module will be an important part of the one year EPTE programme. The curriculum will contain new and high level content towards opening the learning of mathematics from different points of view (historical, cultural and functional) and will give students ample opportunities to relate and compare knowledge and to exercise skills to  a deeper insight in mathematics and the teaching of it. This will empower them to function in a multicultural and multi linguistic society.


Dárida Fernandes, Frank van Merwijk, José Manuel Dos Santos

Plurilingual and Intercultural Education (PIE)

Edite Orange

Society, Culture and Education (SCE)

Maria Jose Araujo e Hugo Monteiro